Knowledge partner for every learner

Encouraging children to grow with compassion and curiosity!

Saal is a knowledge partner for students, fostering curiosity and engagement where, questioning and learning can occur anytime, anyplace and at the appropriate pace. Saal’s learning assistant is already adopted by K-12 curriculum schools enabling an environment where questioning and learning are provided in an adaptive manner.

Saal’s knowledge graph and the learning engine adapts answers based on the age and the ability of the student. Preliminary results demonstrate an impressive success rate with the use of Saal. These results are very persuasive for parents who want to see their children reach their fullest potential. Saal’s teaching assistant seeks to become a trusted partner to parents in support of their children’s learning journey.


Saal provides high engagement, cultivate teamwork and curiosity by using elements of game playing for the lessons. Students can speak to Saal and play with it while enhancing their knowledge

Language Learning

Saal helps students to learn and pronounce languages at their own pace independently.

Writing practice

Saal’s writing practice application uses instruments like normal pen and paper. It encourages and emphasise the need for children to sharpen the writing skills.


Students who are shy are comfortable to engage with Saal and that provides accurate insights into the minds without making them uncomfortable in the classrooms.

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