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Saal is capable of performing cognitive tasks such as retrieval, inferencing and reasoning from data collected via multi-modal sensor inputs. We use the power of NLP (Text), Computer vision (Image), Automatic Speech Recognition (Speech) and draw inspiration from Neuroscience and Philosophy to accomplish our goal.

Inspirations from Neuroscience and Psychology about how humans solve problems drive our knowledge representation framework allowing us to build models for reasoning to design and develop formalisms that can carry out complex tasks. Automation of various kinds of reasoning is accomplished through logic that is incorporated in these findings.

Natural Language Understanding

We distill unstructured speech into structured format and extracts entities, keywords, categories, relationships and concepts within specific context from multiple languages. Saal NLU supports both on-premise and cloud implementations.

Natural Language Generation

We create human readable content out of data from a massive and complex amount of data that needs to be parsed and published.

Machine Learning

Ability to quickly produce scalable models that can analyze any amount of complex data and deliver accurate results resulting in smarter and faster decision making in real time. Our algorithms and training sets are capable of solving many complex business problems, which otherwise would have been difficult and time consuming.

Knowledge Engine

Our Knowledge Engine comprises of entities, attributes and relationship to support multiple types of semantic queries. Saal already has large scale of
Knowledge Databases for multiple domains.


Saal’s architecture is scalable and supports multiple implementations such as on-premise, hybrid and on-cloud for varying security considerations. Saal supports multiple knowledge bases and multiple search methods like contextual, semantic.


Saal is a knowledge partner for your child, fostering curiosity and engagement, where questioning and learning can occur anytime, anyplace, at appropriate pace.

Sharpening skills for the future.


Saal makes banking more efficient by allowing you to make decisions faster and automate transactions. Saal lets you focus on what matters most to you and your customers.

Banking, more efficient.

Health Care

Saal allows you to enhance your health and wellness as the understanding grows deeper. Saal enhances the patient experience by learningcontinuously and facilitating active decisions. Saal allows doctors to be more productive and efficient from the contextual information.

Health & Wellness, delivered.

Other Industries

Saal helps various industries to be more efficient and proactive. Saal will make a huge impact in industries such as Transportation, Goverment, Defense and many more.

Intelligence of the future.

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