Artificial Intelligence to the Real Intelligence has been built to become the intelligent partner that can turn human interactions and data into valuable, meaningful, results-oriented intelligence across a multitude of industries. It comes at a time when humanity is witnessing a shift that sees AI and NLP play an increasingly visible, effective and critical role in the future. AI brings in new capabilities – a “new normal” that will profoundly impact how we manage ourselves and the world around us, making our lives more meaningful. Saal’s revolutionary Artificial Intelligence framework will be a huge part of our future.


Saal is a knowledge partner for your child, fostering curiosity and engagement, where questioning and learning can occur anytime, anyplace, at appropriate pace.

Sharpening skills for the future.


Saal makes banking more efficient by allowing you to make decisions faster and automate transactions. Saal lets you focus on what matters most to you and your customers.

Banking, more efficient.


Saal allows you to enhance your health and wellness as the understanding grows deeper. Saal enhances the patient experience by learning continuously and facilitating active decisions. Saal allows doctors to be more productive and efficient from the contextual information.

Health & Wellness delivered.

Other Industries an enabler, ready to transcend and redefine current practices across industries to fuel economic and social growth.

Intelligence of the future.

How DEEP is your Data Science Project ?

” We Data Scientists aren’t magicians”

The Head of our Data Science team puts down his thoughts about the need to follow a structured framework when approaching a Data science Project.

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